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Does Bunny dress up in costume?
Yes, if one is Requested from Options I have listed.
I wear Colorful Clothes and a Smile, otherwise.

Does Bunny provide Table Settings, Balloons, Presents, Pinata’s, Water Balloons, Food, etc.
NO, with the exception of Age Appropriate Candy for Candy Treasure Hunt and Prizes.

Does Bunny Wash off any Paints or Glitter Tattoos upon Departure?
NO, with the exception of touch ups during application. Unless requested, then I will be happy to.

Does Bunny Offer Overtime rates?
Yes, however unless otherwise agreed upon, I will not arrive/stay any longer than 10-15 minutes prior to/past my set time. Please ask me prior to my arrival/leave time if you need me to arrive/stay longer and we can negotiate an additional fee.

Does Bunny Take Checks/PayPal?
YES, Paypal is the preferred method of payment, and yes per checks If paid and cleared two weeks in advance of Event. On Day of Event: Cash ONLY Please.

Important Info
Here are some important details for you to consider when looking to book a Party with Funny Bunny Entertainment.

My work ethic is relaxed and adaptable. I limit the number of Activities available per party to the amount of children and hours booked for. For example if you have me for one hour, for 25 kids, I would say pick two Activities. If you have me for 2.5 hours and have 40(+) kids, then we can do more like 3 small Activities or focus just on face painting so everyone gets a turn. I discuss your needs and suggestions with you and answer any questions you have to ensure you get the most for your money but also keep the children happy. As, I do not want you to overbook Activities and somebody go home unhappy because there was not enough time for them to get Face Painted.

My Specialty is Simple Face Painting for Children and Adults. I keep my Main Design options on the simple side. Why, you ask? To ensure that every child gets their Face Painted and no child has to go home sad. If a special Request is made, I can do my best to accommodate, however I do not guarantee quality of work on rushed or Extremely Detailed Free Hand Designs. I bring several books of the Face Painting Options I provide.

**For larger parties: it is my recommendation to chose small cheek or hand painting designs, to ensure everyone gets a turn.

I request that you as the client will please provide a desired time frame for each Activity requested (Face Painting, Bubble Play, games, etc.) This helps to ensure that every child goes home happy.

*Please provide adequate and safe seating arrangements for myself and any children needing to be painted or entertained. Avoiding Windy, Wet, Poorly Lit, or Overly Sunny areas. We want the children to be comfortable, and for me to be able to see their faces clearly and reach them without straining or injuring anyone. As well, for Bubble Play, please chose a spot that is not muddy and is comfortable for the children to play on.

If at all possible, lease use a sturdy table and chairs that are either covered or not in a delicate state, as I am very clean and considerate of my work station, however spills may occur, as with any Event where Children or Weather Elements (Out door Events Only) are a factor.

**With that being said, please have a back up plan in place for outdoor parties, as no refund for Services will be provided, only refund for Deposit.

Please note that I am available to stay longer or arrive earlier if needed. Additional fees may apply, please inquire if needed, and be prepared with cash on hand if there is a need for me to stay later, as in that case, I may require the additional payment on day of event if prior arrangements are not made.

I require all Deposits to be paid in full prior to Event. If paying by check, please make payment two weeks prior to allow time for me to clear the check.

Be sure to allow enough time for the amount of children who are attending to be face painted, or participate in activities. A typical Full Face Painting Session is about 3-7 minutes per child. A typical cheek or hand Face Painting Session is about 1-3 minutes.
Glitter Tattoos take 30 seconds or so for each one, as well as any type of Temporary Tattoos. However Bubbles Play, Dress Up, Pretty Play Time, Games, and Balloon times can vary and be adjusted to your schedule, so please inquire.